Flat White Excitement

The US is catching on to Australia's coffee culture
 Flat white coffee

It’s no secret that many Australians favour a cup of coffee from their home country than from America. In a number of not-so-subtle ways (hello, ‘Aussified’ cruising), US coffee drinkers have been informed that their morning drip tastes like crap compared to the richer brews available in Australia.

So, it’s no surprise that Australia’s version of the morning wake-up call – the flat white – has been introduced to US coffee enthusiasts. Similar to a latte, the flat white consists of microfoam poured over a single or double shot of espresso – and that’s it. (A pump of caramel flavouring and a grande-size cup would just swallow its simplicity.)

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New York Magazine recently published a piece on the flat white’s slow immersion into the Big Apple’s coffee scene, from a Williamsburg Toby’s Estate to a midtown Pie Face location (wait, we can find decent meat pies and homestyle sausage rolls in New York? Rejoice!) Tribeca even has Laughing Man, a little cafe with the flat white as its signature drink and Hugh Jackman’s celebrity support behind it.

Over on the opposite coast in Los Angeles, the flat white has become one of the most popular coffee drinks at Two Guns Espresso: “Indeed, it is reason enough to make a pit stop at Two Guns... especially if you've been on the hunt for a proper flat white served somewhere considerably closer than Auckland,” writes an LA Weekly blogger. Considering the city is home to more than 40,000 Aussie expatriates, it’s no mystery that has helped spread the word about this phenomenal find.

For Australians visiting the States, the adoption of Oz’s coffee culture is a beacon of joy in a sea of Starbucks. And for Americans looking for a tiny cup that packs a bigger punch than the usual cup of Joe, it’s a new cultural experience.

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