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The Association for Iron and Steel Technology

The Association for Iron and Steel Technology

Submitted by The AIST

Steel plays a vital role in the modern quality of life. We rely on steel for the basic infrastructure needs related to energy, water, sanitation, housing, construction, packaging, agriculture, transportation and much, much more.
The Association for Iron and Steel Technology

Steel plays a vital role in the modern quality of life. We rely on steel for the basic infrastructure needs related to energy, water, sanitation, housing, construction, packaging, agriculture, transportation and much, much more. However, it is an extremely complex technological process to melt, cast, roll and process the steel that is ultimately formed into the thousands of useful objects that benefit society.
As an international, member-based, technical association representing iron and steel producers, their allied suppliers and related academia, AIST is dedicated to advancing the technical development, production, processing and application of iron and steel.
Established on January 1, 2004, AIST was formed by the merger of two longstanding societies ñ the Association of Iron and Steel Engineers (AISE), founded in 1907, and the Iron & Steel Society (ISS), founded in 1974. The best practices of both predecessor organizations were incorporated into AIST to create a strong international, member-based technical organization that has sustained itself in an environment of continual change.

Diverse and active membership
More than 15,000 professionals and students in 65 countries are members ofnews AIST ñ individuals who have earned the industry's respect for their knowledge and understanding of the business. AIST members include industry suppliers (43 percent), producers (30 percent), students (25 percent) and academia (2 percent).
Members actively participate within the association primarily through nine technology divisions, including 28 technology committees that address specific process, engineering, equipment or reliability technologies associated with the iron and steel industry. Members who serve on technology committees become an integral part of a vital network with a goal to solve problems and advance the industry's technology. Committee activities include plant tours, conference program development, industry surveys, round -table discussions, technical presentations, and the development and maintenance of technical reports and benchmarking metrics.
AIST's 22 member chapters represent individual members in the iron and steel community from around the world. They are an integral component in facilitating the exchange of ideas and strengthening AIST's global network, offering industry professionals the opportunity to participate in AIST on a grassroots level.

Conferences, publications, etc.
Each year, AIST's major international conference, AISTech, is held in a different city in the US and has hosted more than 8,000 professionals from the entire spectrum of steel producers, suppliers, consumers and academia. More than 400 companies have consistently participated in the exposition, showcasing their products and services and bringing together technologies from around the world to promote a network to help steel producers and suppliers compete in today's global marketplace.
AIST members also benefit from the monthly journal, Iron & Steel Technology, which publishes technical articles for metallurgical, engineering, operating and maintenance personnel and provides readers with the latest information on production statistics, technological breakthroughs and trends in equipment, processes and operating practices.
AIST offers member discounts on publications, including books and technical reports that are considered standards in the industry. Thousands of published books and downloadable documents are available to the general public on the AIST Steel Library (www.SteelLibrary.com).
SteelNews.com is a publication created by the AIST for the steel community and is the leading source for technological and innovative news on the people, producers and suppliers in the North American and international steel communities (www.steelnews.com).
Students: the new technologists
Almost 4,000 student members actively participate in the association via 75 student chapters as part of the Material Advantage program, designed to provide a single, affordable membership to the materials science and engineering professional organizations of ACerS, AIST, ASM International and TMS. AIST's involvement in the Material Advantage program provides a significant opportunity to reach a large student audience through communication between the students and AIST member chapters and technology committees.
With a strong belief that innovative ideas ultimately come from the new generation of students, the AIST Foundation was organized for charitable, education and scientific purposes, with a goal to attract technology-oriented professionals to the steel industry. The AIST Foundation awards college scholarships and program grants to provide these students a helping hand. It is anticipated that approximately $450,000 will be awarded in 2009 through scholarship and cooperative programs.

Global activities, global business
As a global association, AIST conducts more than 200 meetings per year all over the world, and is proud to bring new technologies to members. With the intent to broaden global activities, AIST sponsored its first International Crane Symposium in Kosice, Slovakia, in September 2008. Through the strong support of the United States Steel Corporation, attendees at the sold-out conference heard presentations regarding fundamental safe maintenance practices which will improve the reliability of Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) cranes. The attendees represented 14 different countries, from as far away as Brazil, India and the United States. AIST Committee attendees represented plant maintenance staff; applications, electrical, mechanical, safety, service and design engineers; operations personnel and management; and individuals who supply parts, equipment and services to the EOT crane industry.

Keeping pace with change
Just as the US steel industry has survived changing times, AIST has adapted to a changing industry with continued variations, along with new and exciting opportunities for its members.
In this climate of growth and change, AIST continues to promote the development of new technologies and diversified products, reaching out to established and new customers throughout the world.
The steel industry is an active part of the present economy, and AIST intends to be a key player by making an impact for the future of this global industry.

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