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Conergy Canada

Conergy Canada:Renewable energy solutions

Michaela McNamara

Conergy Canada:Renewable energy solutions

Conergy Canada brings the expertise associated with 1.25 Gigawatts of successful renewable energy projects worldwide to assist the Canadian marketplace in maximizing their ROSI, or Return on Solar Investment. This leading supplier of renewable energies has been manufacturing, supplying, financing, designing and installing quality solar photovoltaic solutions for Canada since 2005, and is committed to meeting energy demands by delivering the best renewable energy solutions to North America and the world.

Conergy has both operational headquarters and manufacturing operations for its SunTop rooftop mounting system and key components of its award-winning ground-mount solution, the SolarGiant III, in Mississauga, Canada.

In an effort to help Canadians select and deploy the most effective solar energy systems available, Conergy Canada has embarked upon a number of initiatives to provide solar-interested businesses and property owners with what they need to successfully participate in Canada’s evolving clean energy economy.


Among Conergy’s most recent initiatives is a milestone joint venture between Conergy and SkyPower Limited, Canada’s leading developer of solar energy projects. The two companies plan to lease space or partner with real estate owners, big box retailers and governments to design, finance, build, own and operate the most superior rooftop solar systems in the country.

The companies aim to save building owners time, effort and money by procuring solar (PV) panels, and look forward to the opportunity to provide these clean, renewable energy projects while becoming a key player in the marketplace. Conergy Canada’s Managing Director Jared Donald says, “The intention of this partnership is to bring the best technical solutions possible to building owners so they can enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy with confidence.”

SkyPower brings expertise in project development, planning, contracting, procurement, finance, and it has established strong relationships with governments, municipalities, universities, commercial rooftop owners and property management companies. Conergy’s global manufacturing, engineering and project execution experience ensures that the partnership provides technical solutions perfectly tailored to the Ontario markets the joint venture was formed to serve.

The technology package supplied to the Conergy-SkyPower projects will be compliant with the domestic content requirements set out by Ontario's Feed-in Tariff (FIT), a policy designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy. The Ontario government has certainly taken notice of the partnership and has expressed a positive reception for the projects to come.

“It is reassuring to see companies such as SkyPower and Conergy working with the Green Energy Act and the FIT program to continue developing renewable energy projects across the province,” Dave Levac, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Energy says. “Working together, we will achieve our objectives to build a cleaner and brighter future for Ontario.”

Donald adds, “We are bringing a track record of experience and quality engineering to Canada’s burgeoning marketplace to optimize Ontario's investment in this important energy realm—and to help the government meet its target of 100,000 solar rooftops across the province.” The team is currently working with solar panel manufacturers to make this happen, the companies said.

Aside from the landmark joint venture, Conergy is developing a number of projects with its distribution partners. They recently worked with RESCo Energy to complete the largest utility-connected rooftop solar installation in Canada. A collaborative team comprised of Conergy, RESCo, Generation Solar and Solsmart, two of Ontario’s leading solar energy installers, built the LoyaltyOne 163 kW rooftop on its LEED certified building in Mississauga, Ontario. The rooftop project was built with Sanyo solar modules, Conergy SunTop racking and SMA inverters. The total solution features 150 kW of solar PV panels on the flat roof and another 16 kW of PV, along with a small four-collector demonstration solar thermal system mounted on a parking lot carport.

Key Conergy Canada partners OYA Solar and Pro-Quip International, have also committed to adding additional resources to construct multiple Conergy-supplied, Feed-In-Tariff (FIT)-qualified rooftop projects across the province. “It is exciting to see the solar market in Ontario stimulate economic activity the way the government has intended. Ontario companies like OYA Solar and PQI are making significant investments in staff and other local resources and are in turn being rewarded with project supply contracts,” Donald says.

One of Conergy’s partnership strengths is manifested in its engineering, procurement and construction business (EPC), which offers turnkey solutions to help Ontario companies capitalize on today’s market opportunities faster and with a higher degree of confidence than would otherwise be expected. “The years of experience we’ve collected in successfully installing 1 GW of solar PV solutions across 16 countries allows us to leverage a global network of engineers, project developers and supply chains to help our partners ask the right questions to qualify and optimize technical solutions for the Ontario solar PV market,” Donald says.

A good case in point is the 3 MW Exelon-Conergy Solar Energy Center located on 16.5 acres of landfill buffer outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “Conergy worked with the executives at Exelon (one of America’s largest utility companies), Waste Management, Inc., and local and state government officials to turn gray landfill dirt into pay dirt for its partners and investors, while introducing a fast, affordable, scalable solar energy solution with the potential to cut operating costs, earn government incentives and augment a need for clean, affordable peak-time energy. And we completed this project on time and under budget,” Donald says. “Innovations like these are among the solutions we aim to share with our Canadian partners and prospects.”


Conergy has a track record of sharing its expertise not only with partners on utility-scale projects, but to help its distribution partners access solutions to best serve their prospect bases. This is the third year Conergy has partnered with ASES to produce Solar Success!, North America’s largest professional solar training and business development event. The event features an impressive line-up of the industry’s most knowledgeable financial and technology experts who offer insights on winning business practices, product advances and state-of-the-art technical training, much of it aligned with NABCEP learning and certification objectives. It is co-located with ASES’ annual solar conference to optimize educational, networking and business opportunities for attendees.

During Solar Success!, Conergy demonstrated to engineers, electricians and contractors how to construct the SolarGiant III, their award-winning ground mount solar energy solution. The installer-friendly, ground-mount modular system earned acclaim as one of 10 Photovoltaic Picks for 2010, according to the global solar experts at InterPV Magazine.

The revolutionary SolarGiant III is supplied as a complete kit with pre-assembled components for almost any module type. The structure has been carefully engineered to minimize the parts-count and provide for fast and easy assembly using only two people, saving installers and their customers’ time and money. It can also rest on almost any site surface, even those with difficult ground and soil conditions involving rocky soils, sandy soils and high water tables. The time and money this simple solution affords installers are compelling many to suggest the SolarGiant should be the standard ground-mount solution for North America. With production facilities in both the US and Canada, this remarkable ground-mount system is breaking new ground for installers in the North American marketplace.


For the fourth consecutive year, Conergy is a platinum sponsor of the non-profit American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour, the world’s largest grassroots solar event. Last year, thousands of home and business owners and public agencies opened the doors of their solar powered homes and businesses to educate associates about the benefits of going solar. One hundred fifty thousand individuals across 49 states and Puerto Rico participated. For the first time in the Tour’s 15-year history, Canada will be participating in the event. The National Solar Tour provides a unique opportunity for administrators, home owners and businesses to view the vast array of solar energy options available. It also allows for in-depth discussions with neighbors, installers, business owners and related energy efficiency experts about the costs and benefits of going solar. Conergy distribution partner RESCo Energy and LoyaltyOne will showcase their impressive rooftop installation with RESCo’s installation experts on-hand to answer questions about a variety of solar solutions and the many economic and environmental benefits they bring. Learn more at www.nationalsolartour.org.

Going forward, Conergy Canada is well poised to help Canadians realize the economic and environmental benefits of Ontario’s growing clean energy economy, and will continue to focus on creating custom solutions for the residential realm, small commercial markets, as well as large-scale, energy-intensive enterprises.


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